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Man’s Attempt to Expose Co-Worker for Cheating on Her Boyfriend Backfires



If you knew someone was cheating on their significant other, what would you do? One man decided to out his co-worker for cheating and it didn’t go so well. Here’s what happened. 

The woman in question was known to be in a relationship with her boyfriend Louie. So, when her co-worker saw her at a bar making out with a woman, he took pictures of the incident with plans to use them as evidence. 

A few days later, the woman was in the breakroom at work talking to a colleague about the co-worker’s ex. She mentioned how much she hated cheaters. That’s when the man who took the pictures, Ken, started calling her out and telling her she was a hypocrite. 

She took to Reddit to explain what happened. 

“When I said that I never cheated, Ken confronted me with the pictures of Ruby and me at the bar and a picture of Louie and me on a date from last week. Ken kept asking, ‘So who are you dating?’ while shoving his phone in my face, so I just brushed his arm aside and said, “both of them”.

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Apparently, the woman is in a polyamorous relationship with her girlfriend, Ruby of 11 years, as well as her boyfriend Louie of 10 years. 

“I never mentioned this to my coworkers because I never cared to. I don’t tend to talk about my life while at work,” she explained.

She also mentioned that Ken had been spreading rumors throughout the office about her cheating on her boyfriend before confronting her about the photos. “I had noticed that some people were giving me the cold shoulder, but I just figured it was something to do with my recent promotion,” she says. 

When Ken confronted her, she joked about him taking pictures like a stalker. 

So, now that the air has been cleared, are things better in the office? Apparently not. “Now a bunch of my co-workers are p***ed that I ‘hid’ my polyamory from are now saying that it’s ‘my fault’ that they now look like jerks for talking bad about me behind my back.”  

Will the office drama ever end? We certainly hope so. Do you have anything going on in your neck of the woods?

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