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Former Georgia Official Wore Fake Pregnancy Stomach In Paid Leave Scheme



A former public official in Georgia has been unmasked as a complete fraud.  The woman in question, Robin Folsom, wore a fake pregnancy stomach to collect paid leave.  The former public worker faked her pregnancy to take paid maternity leave from her post.  However, a co-worker figured out the alleged baby bump was fake and reported the lie to her workplace superiors.

Anything for Money

Folsom, 43, even went as far as creating a fake father for her supposed baby.  Folsom used the fake father’s alleged email address to communicate to her bosses that she was under physician’s orders for several weeks.  The phony email was sent so Folsom could get out of work and enjoy supposed bed rest after claiming she gave birth in the spring of 2021.  The reveal was made earlier this week by the Georgia Office of the Inspector General.

The fake father of the infant, a man referred to as Bran Otmembebwe, was conjured up by Folsom.  Investigators pressed the woman for more information in the fall of 2021 and she repeated her statement that Otmembebwe existed.  

The fake birth was revealed a couple months after one of Folsom’s co-workers at the state Vocational Rehabilitation Agency spotted the woman’s supposed pregnancy stomach move away from her actual skin.  The details were brought to light in a recent news release from the Inspector General’s office. 

Folsom was working as a director of external affairs at the time of the scam.  She went as far as emailing pictures of the baby to co-workers after the alleged birth, yet co-workers quickly picked up on the fact that the infant in question had a different skin tone than her mother.  

The Penalty

Chris Carr, the Attorney General for the state of Georgia, has charged Folsom with several counts of making false statements.  The woman has also been charged with a count of identity fraud.  Folsom insisted she had given birth in the prior year and was subsequently impregnated one summer later.  

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However, the investigation revealed Folsom had not given birth and there is no evidence of a prior child, pregnancy, or delivery.  Folsom ended up resigning from her post after the investigation into her scam revealed she simply wanted paid time off from work.

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