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Danny Masterson Sentenced to 30 Years to Life for Rape



Danny Masterson

In the sentencing hearing, three courageous women who were victims in this case addressed the judge and shared the profound impact of Danny Masterson and his crimes on their lives. They earnestly requested that the judge impose a life sentence on Masterson. Jane Doe 1 condemned the actor as a “true coward and heartless monster.” Jane Doe 2 addressed Masterson directly in the courtroom, revealing the lasting trauma she endured, stating that it would take a lifetime of therapy to heal. Jane Doe 3 disclosed that she had been diagnosed with PTSD.

During the proceedings, Masterson, clad in a suit with a full-grown beard and slicked-back hair, remained silent.

Many of Masterson’s family members from the entertainment industry were present in court, including his wife, actor and model Bijou Phillips, who was visibly emotional. Also in attendance were his siblings: “The Walking Dead” actor Alanna Masterson, “Malcolm In the Middle” star Christopher Masterson, and actor Jordan Masterson.

In delivering the sentence, Judge Charlaine Olmedo emphasized that Masterson was not the victim in this case. She declared that his actions two decades ago had silenced his victims and were unquestionably criminal. The judge sentenced Masterson to 15 years to life for each of the two charges, to be served consecutively.

This marked the second trial for Masterson on the same charges, as the first trial had ended in November of the previous year with a hung jury. However, a crucial difference between the two trials was the allegation of drugging. In the retrial, the prosecution argued that Masterson had indeed drugged his victims, while in the first trial, such an assertion had not been explicitly made.

Both trials cast a spotlight on the Church of Scientology, as all three victims, as well as Masterson himself, were affiliated with the church at the time of the assaults. However, they have since distanced themselves from the organization.

Leah Remini, a former Scientologist and outspoken critic of the church, was present in the courtroom to support the victims. After the sentencing, Remini shared her thoughts on social media, emphasizing the role of Scientology in the case.

The victims disclosed that the church discouraged them from reporting Masterson to law enforcement. Throughout the trial, the prosecution argued that Masterson had abused his position within the church to commit these crimes with impunity, alleging that the church actively discouraged reporting sexual assaults to the police.

One victim, Jane Doe 2, revealed that she had been a “brainwashed member” of Scientology at the time of her assault and accused the church of concerted efforts to cover up Masterson’s behavior. She stated that since coming forward, her privacy had been constantly invaded by the church.

Jane Doe 1, a second-generation Scientologist, explained that she had followed the church’s policy of not reporting her alleged rape to external authorities, leading to severe consequences for her personal life.

Masterson’s defense sought to downplay the role of Scientology throughout both trials, emphasizing that Scientology was not on trial and reminding the jury not to harbor biases against any religion.

Danny Masterson

Masterson’s legal team requested a 15-year sentence, acknowledging their client’s conduct but also highlighting his positive attributes, including community service and his role as a father.

The prosecution, however, urged for a 30-year to life sentence, arguing that being a good father did not absolve Masterson of his heinous crimes. They portrayed his actions as targeted and reprehensible, committed while his victims were incapacitated after being drugged.

Following the sentencing, Masterson’s attorney announced plans to appeal the conviction, citing substantial errors in the case.

Alison Anderson, the attorney representing Jane Doe 2 and Jane Doe 3, commended her clients for their strength and bravery in coming forward and participating in the trials despite facing harassment and intimidation. She hinted at their intention to share their full story regarding the involvement of Scientology in suppressing their voices.

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Shortly before the sentencing, one of the victims expressed forgiveness toward Masterson but firmly believed that he deserved to spend the rest of his life in prison, labeling him as “pathetic,” “disturbed,” and “extremely violent,” asserting that the world would be safer with him behind bars.

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