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Ohio Mayor Resigns After Going Viral for Saying Ice Fishing Leads to Prostitution



When it comes to ice fishing, there are a number of dangers that could take place. Whether it’s drowning or potentially becoming stranded, there are a variety of valid concerns that come with ice fishing, but those aren’t the reasons why this Ohio mayor has objections to legalizing it in his town. 

Mayor Craig Shubert of Hudson, Ohio made international headlines last week with his claim that the legalization of ice fishing would lead to an increase in prostitution taking place in the town. Even though the claim was found to be humorous by many people outside of Hudson, the people in town didn’t have the same reaction. Mayor Shubert was forced to resign his post as mayor. Unfortunately for Mayor Shubert, the ice fishing prostitution claim wasn’t his first time making the headlines for the wrong reasons. A year ago, he made news for claiming that an optional book being read in a college-level class was “child pornography.” He also suggested the school board resign as a result of the material being read. After reviewing the allegations, Summit County Prosecutor issued a scathing rebuttal of Mayor Shubert’s claims which made it easier for the town to part ways with its mayor. 

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Even though Shubert won office in a November 2019 election, the Hudson’s mayoral office is mostly just for ceremonial purposes. Maybe his predecessor will work harder to make headlines for Hudson for something other than making wildly outlandish claims.

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