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Colorado Bans Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Gummies Shaped Like Ears



Colorado Bans Sale of Mike Tyson Cannabis Gummies Shaped Like Ears

Government officials in Colorado have put the clamp down on Mike Tyson’s plan to sell cannabis gummies shaped like human ears.  The decision references a little-known Colorado state law that bars the sale of cannabis edibles shaped similar to human beings or animals.  In fact, the Colorado state law also bars the sale of cannabis edibles shaped similar to fruit or any other image that might generate attention from children.  

Details About the Obscure Colorado Law

Colorado’s law pertaining to marijuana edibles was written in such a manner to prevent children from indulging in mind-altering treats.  Though there is a good argument to be made that all cannabis-infused treats have an inherent allure, Colorado’s government insists that any gummies shaped similar to humans is a no-go.  

It remains to be seen whether Mike Tyson’s legal team responds to the Colorado push-back with a lawsuit.  After all, Tyson’s marijuana edibles are not shaped similar to humans.  Rather, the gummies are shaped similar to a body part.  

The fact that Tyson’s weed gummies resemble ears as opposed to the human body might be enough to sway the scales of justice in his favor.  It is worth noting that the unique edibles have a fake bite chewed out of them in a reference to Tyson’s bite on Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997.

Colorado Cannabis

The Tyson Camp Moves Forward

Though there is still the potential for the Tyson camp to file a lawsuit to permit the sale of the gummies in their original shape, the boxer’s business team will slightly pivot in the meantime.  Tyson’s business advisor has decided it is prudent to move forward with a modification of the human ear shape, shifting from an ear with a bite, to gummies in the shape of the letter T.  The Tyson business team selected this letter since it stands for Tyson’s surname.

Iron Mike is Making Big Bank on Cannabis

Tyson launched his pot enterprise merely six years ago and has been raking in the money from a wide variety of weed-related products.  The former boxer earns in excess of $650,000 every month from his cannabis business.  

Though Tyson’s “Mike Bites” shaped like ears won’t be available in Colorado, they will be sold in other states that don’t have laws that prevent the sale of cannabis edibles that resemble the human body.

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