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US Warship was Followed by Two Car-Size “Balls of Light” UFOs



US Warship was Followed by Two Car-Size "Balls of Light" UFOs

Given the recent space expeditions of billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, the topic of outer space has become more prominent. That is likely to continue, considering the fact that the military has become more willing to relinquish information regarding their dealings with outer space, which can be quite unsettling at times. Recently, a US warship was shadowed by two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that were undeterred by anti-drone artillery. The US warship known as the USS Kearsarge had the encounter in October 2021. The revelation was revealed by documentary filmmaker Dave  C. Beaty, who produced the 2004 documentary, The Nimitz Encounters, about the 2004 encounter the U.S. Navy had with the infamous TicTac object. 

The scene was described by sources as two intimidating, strange “balls of light” which were said to have been following the ship roughly half a mile behind, and about 200 feet above the ocean water. The USS Kearsarge was training at the time of the occurrence with systems designed to eliminate enemy drones. The marines who were onboard the ship were reportedly under the impression that the objects were part of a surprise training exercise for the anti-drone devices. After their resistance proved futile to the UFOs that continued performing swooping maneuvers behind the ship, the USS Kearsarge radioed for further info. 

That’s when they learned that the objects were, in fact, not theirs. Once footage of the occurrence was released, word spread quickly, stunning those who saw it. Keeping that in mind, U.S. officials have proceeded to open a new Pentagon office, with plans to put an official reporting structure in place for UFO encounters for the first time in years. This is likely a worthwhile decision as space travel continues to gain popularity.

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