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Fictosexual Man Marries Hologram Singer, Family Ghosts Him



Fictosexual Man Marries Hologram Singer

These days, it seems there is a sexuality for every kink. Akihodo Kondo, a Japanese man is fictosexual meaning he is attracted to fictional characters. He married a computer synthesized pop singer, Hatsume Miku, who has been on tour with Lady Gaga. Should he have been surprised that no family members came to his wedding?

Kondo was in a relationship with Miku for 10 years before he married her in an unofficial ceremony. The turquoise haired singer, who is typically depicted as a 16-year-old girl, wore a white dress while Kondo wore a tuxedo. 

Kondo, 38, says his relationship with Miku helped pull him out of his depression. He knows his relationship is strange. And while he acknowledges that his wife isn’t real, his feelings for her are. 

The man is one of thousands of Japanese people who have entered unofficial relationships with fictional characters. He says he has known that he did not want a human partner for some time. 

He admits that he has always felt an unexplainable attraction to fictional characters. Although it was difficult for him to accept his feelings at first, he is now better able to deal with them, in part due to a rising fictosexual movement. 

The man first found comfort in his fictional relationship with Miku after being bullied at work and rejected by other potential partners.

He was better able to communicate with his bride-to-be after the release of a $1300 machine called Gatebox which allows its owners to interact with fictional characters represented via a small hologram. Miku was one of the available characters. 

After communicating for a while, Kondo worked up the nerve to propose. Miku replied saying, “Please treat me well.”

Kondo invited his co-workers and family members to the wedding, but none showed up. It was attended by 39 people who were mostly strangers and online friends. 

The man has found himself quite a catch as Miku is a star of anime and Japanese culture. She has a huge following and has even toured with Lady Gaga. 

Unfortunately, Kondo is no longer able to communicate with his wife as the support for Gatebox software has been terminated. However, he says that hasn’t changed his love for her. 

“My love for Miku hasn’t changed. I held the ceremony because I thought I could be with her forever,” he explained.

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