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AI Enters the Operating Room

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Photo: Shutterstock
Dr. Danyal Fer and other researchers out of the University of California, Barkley have been working on implementing AI robotics into surgical operations.  The research began with remotely controlling robotic arms to perform surgical exercises mainly done by students, and as more and more exercises were completed the AI began to learn to process and can now function autonomously. The use of AI in surgical operations has been a long-lasting desire for researchers as robots and AI can normally perform tasks with a higher success rate than their human counterparts.  If AI were able to complete operations, it would likely be done with more accuracy and result in fewer mistakes. Currently, the automated robot can complete training exercises with more dexterity, speed, and accuracy than humans, but it is not prepared to take on more complex operations. Brining AI robotics into the operating room will not eliminate the need for human surgeons but it hopes to bring success rates up for simple surgeries and ease the workload of surgeons who need to remain focused on more complex surgeries. The full use of automated surgical robots appears to still be in the distant future.  The AI used in these surgical robots...
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