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World’s Most Prolific Sperm Donor Finally Reveals Himself



A retired teacher from Derby, England is insisting he is the most prolific sperm donor in the world.  The individual in question, Clive Jones, is revered by some for giving the gift of life, yet criticized by others as the spreading of his seed has the potential to lead to unintentional incest.  Add in the fact that some of Jones’ “donations” go to women who take on the challenge of single parenthood on their own and there is even more reason for some to criticize Jones.

Jones has 100+ Kids

Though Jones’ seed is indirectly responsible for the birth of 129 kids, he is not on the hook in a financial sense for raising those children.  Jones made the decision to announce his remarkable virility to the world earlier this year.  If Jones is telling the truth, he has nine more kids on the way, meaning he will have 138 total children when all is said and done.

Jones has donated his seed to women looking to bear children for nearly an entire decade.  Jones uses Facebook to donate his semen, noting how the donations provide happiness and fulfillment to women who want to bring life into the world.

Jones is a Married Man

The fact that Jones has been married for more than four decades makes this story all the more interesting.  Recent news reports indicate Jones and his wife are still legally married, yet do not share the same home.  

Jones’ public emergence and series of interviews revealed that he drives to a public park by his home, collects samples in his van while hidden behind window curtains, then reaches out to the women in need of his “donation”, telling them he’ll “…be ‘round in three minutes.”  When pressed for information as to how his wife feels about his sperm donations, Jones did not provide comment.  

A Public Health Threat?

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Britain’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority provided a public medical warning pertaining to Jones.  The warning states that if arrangements to obtain Jones’ sperm donations are made outside of the clinic, there will be significant legal and medical risks.

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