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Woman Wasn’t Lovin’ It as She Rejected Boyfriend’s Proposal in McDonald’s



Woman Wasn't Lovin' It as She Rejected BF's Proposal in McDonald's

Public proposals can be fun, but they sting twice as bad if you get rejected. It certainly didn’t go well for one man who proposed to a woman in a busy McDonald’s

The man got down on one knee behind the unnamed woman to propose as she was getting ready to put her order in. The woman can be seen turning to the employee who was taking her order and shaking her head in disbelief before looking at the man and shaking her head at him. 

Onlookers were cheering the couple on hoping for a yes answer, but this only seemed to aggravate the woman who had a few unpleasant phrases for the man. She then stormed out of the McDonald’s as the crowd booed her. 

The man was later seen collecting his order and heading out of the restaurant alone. 

The incident occurred at a Sandton McDonald’s in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was filmed and posted on Twitter where it racked up over 3.7 million views. 

People had a mixed reaction to the footage. “Witnessed such a sad situation today, yoh,” said one commenter. 

Others chimed in saying the man’s chances of getting a yes would have increased if the location was more romantic. 

“If a man proposed to me in a McDonald’s I’d just pass out because no way did you think this was the ideal way to propose to me, no f**king way.”

Others with an eagle eye view were able to spot what seemed to be a wedding ring on the man’s finger and wondered if that was behind the rejection. 

“And why is this man wearing a wedding band?” one viewer wondered. 

“Wait, is this man trying to take a second wife?” another chimed in. 

Definitely a strange scenario but let’s hope everyone is able to move past it in a healthy way.

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