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Woman has an Eye-Popping Experience While Giving Birth to Daughter



They say childbirth is supposed to be a beautiful moment between mother and child, but this new mom might disagree. The new mom went on TikTok to share her experience with what birth was like for her and needless to say, it did not go as expected.

In the video, 23-year-old Bethany Collins starts out saying, “I feel like I would look so sexy pregnant.”

However, it did not go as planned. Collins then proceeded to share photos from the big day she gave birth. The first photo shows her left eye bulging out of her head, but why?

Well, the captions on the screen explain it perfectly: “My eye popped out while I was pushing,” and we have no words! Her doctors seem to agree, as the video was labeled, “My doctor said, ‘wow, I’ve never seen this happen before!”

The video has garnered more than 1.1 million views and while it was a wild experience for Collins, it was all worth it since she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl in the end. She said, “Now, I have Miss Phoebe.”

As far as her eye goes, it seems like everything went back to normal after six weeks and she will have no long-term effects from it popping out during delivery.

According to the Toronto Sun, it is very rare for women to pop out an eye during childbirth, it is more common to see broken blood vessels and bloodshot eyes. That’s all due to the fact women are pushing tiny humans out of their bodies, which is a miracle on its own!

While there were no other eye-poppers in the comments of the video, many other mothers could relate to traumatic things happening to them during childbirth.

One woman said, “Omg my eyes bled because I pushed so hard. I looked so scary.” Another mom added, “I popped a bunch of blood vessels in my eyes from pushing so hard.” A recommendation from one woman: “This is why I closed my eyes.”

While some moms could relate, this video seemed to confirm for some women why they will never get pregnant.

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One commenter said, “I didn’t want kids before, now I’m gonna ask to have my tubes tied.” Another woman said, “adding this to my list of reasons to never get pregnant.”

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