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Woman Engaged to Ghost is Begged By Living Men to Dump Him



Singer songwriter Brocarde has made headlines with more than her music career. She is reportedly married to a ghost. Surprisingly, this doesn’t keep men from begging her to dump him and take her chances with them.

Brocarde, 38, says she first fell in love with Edwardo, once a Victorian soldier, when he was haunting her Oxfordshire home. Things became serious and he asked her to marry him in November 2021. The singer says he proposed by leaving a diamond ring on her pillow. 

The woman accepted and announced her engagement publicly. Ever since, she has been bombarded by men begging her to ditch the ghost and go out with them instead. 

Brocarde admits she is amused by some of the offers she is getting. “The messages are hilarious: one guy wanted us to sleep in a coffin, another collected taxidermy insects and another’s biggest selling point is being ‘alive’- I mean, what more could you possibly want?” she says. 

Despite the men clearly going to great lengths to win her heart, Brocarde is not tempted to move on. She also said that Edwardo is furious about the offers she’s been getting. 

“I didn’t say a word, but Edwardo is furious about them, when I read them, the lights flickered like crazy, the room turned ice cold and my phone just went black and died. It wouldn’t turn back on for hours even when I plugged it into its charger. 

“Mysteriously, when the power came back, several of the messages were in my trash folder, so Edwardo is not amused,” she explained. 

While the singer is entertained by the communication she is getting, she has no intention of dating other men. 

“I love it when people reach out and send lovely messages about my music and designs or show genuine interest in what I create, but the personal notes about dating, sex, or critiquing my appearance just make me really uncomfortable,” she says. 

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Okay, well good to know. We wish Brocarde and her spectral husband nothing but the best in the coming years.

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