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Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating In Background Of Her Selfie Video



Cheating in a relationship is one trend that’s sadly not seeming to be ending soon. The internet was thrown into a frenzy recently, when a woman identified as Georgia claims she caught her man cheating on her in the background of her TikTok video while on a night out with friends. 

Seeing shocking revelations in the background of your TikTok videos or snaps isn’t a new occurrence. Still, it was more shocking for Georgia. 

The TikTok user (username @ghObbs) and her friends were enjoying a night out, filming themselves vibing and miming the viral “Bing bong, what do you wanna tell Joe Byron right now” trend, when she suddenly stopped with a displeased look on her face.

Georgia was baffled by the background footage showing a woman grabbing a man’s face and kissing him on the cheek. Georgia posted the video and wrote, “When you catch your boyfriend cheating on you while making TikTok” in the clip.

Many unhappy people commented on the post. One of her followers said, “He was literally smiling and leaning in. My Husband would have been leaning WAY back if a woman put her hand on his face like that”. 

Another user commented that she would thrash both of them in the bin because the man and his alleged mistress were both guilty, not just one of them.  

A third user advised her not to pick a favorite, and she should be mad at both her boyfriend and her friend. While another user wrote, “Nah fam, leave em both. Friend and man, get yourself upgrades on em both.”

From the comments, we could deduce that the girl that grabbed Georgia’s boyfriend’s face was indeed her friend. Her caption for the video suggested that things didn’t get messy, and they might just be messing around after all.

She captioned the video with “no girlfriends were harmed in the process,” indicating that nothing violent occurred, and it may just be a prank for viral content. Irrespective, it’s still advisable to be careful about things you do in public, because you may just get picked up in a video you don’t know about. 

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Whether the story turns out to be true or it’s just the girlfriends messing around, the incident is having a positive effect on Georgia’s TikTok account, because she’s getting more engagements.

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