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Wild Video Shows Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punching Airline Passenger



Wild Video Shows Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punching Airline Passenger

Mike Tyson is definitely no stranger to fighting, but he found himself in a whole new arena this week. In a new video, Tyson is seen attacking a fellow passenger on a flight and repeatedly punching him.

Tyson is said to have boarded a Florida-bound plane from San Francisco on Wednesday evening, according to the New York Post. Reports claim that Tyson did engage with his fellow passenger before the incident took place and the former heavyweight champion even posed for a selfie with the man.

In the video, released by TMZ, the passenger can be seen chatting animatedly behind Tyson’s seat as another passenger on the plane is filming the exchange. However, things took a turn for the worse and rightfully so. Tyson was over the passenger and getting agitated, as the man refused to leave him alone. Enough was enough and Tyson got up and proceeded to deliver a series of punches from over his seat.

Sources close to Tyson claim the passenger was “extremely intoxicated” and “wouldn’t stop provoking” him, which is when Tyson released a series of punches on the man, the New York Post reported.

A witness on the plane said Tyson “walked off the plane just seconds later” and the passenger, who is seen with a bloodied forehead in the video, did receive medical attention. The passenger filming the incident can be heard saying, “My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson. Yeah, he got f–ked up.”

The man who sustained the injuries is said to have gone to the authorities as well. TMS reported that the San Francisco Police Dept. did detain two people they believed to be involved in the incident. However, one of those people was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and then “provided minimal details of the incident and refused to cooperate further with the police investigation.”

It has been a rough few weeks for Tyson, as he encountered another overzealous fan at a comedy club a few weeks ago. Tyson remained calm that time and even hugged the admirer, who did have a gun during the exchange, the New York Post stated.

All this while Tyson is trying to lead a more mellow life, including his devotion to marijuana. He is launching a cannabis company with wrestling legend Ric Flair, including an attempt to launch some ear-shaped gummies to remember his fight against Evander Holyfield.

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