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Why One Town Requires You to Have Your Appendix Removed to Live There




There are many desirable neighborhoods to live in around the world, but are any so trendy that you would be willing to have your appendix removed to live there? Well, apparently, that’s a requirement if you want to live in the Antarctic town of Villas Las Estrellas. 

The town is one of two civilian settlements on the chilly continent, and people typically reside there on a temporary basis. 

It is in Chile’s Frei base on King George Island and rarely has more than 100 inhabitants. Those who reside there are mostly researchers and military personnel. 

However, individuals staying on the island for longer amounts of time may bring their entire families to the settlement, which has a post office, a bank, and a few other necessary facilities. 

So why the appendix extraction mandate? Well, it seems like it’s for good reason. 

The nearest hospital is 625 miles away. So, it’s easy to see why the government would do what it can to prevent an affliction like appendicitis, which would require surgery to prevent it from becoming a life- threatening situation, from occurring. 

People are also discouraged from getting pregnant while living there. 

Other health precautions that are put in place include encouraging people to stay indoors when temperatures plummet as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs are also banned. This is to prevent them from transmitting diseases to the local wildlife. 

Although the area does not sound pleasant, it boasts tourist-friendly attractions including the many personable penguins that inhabit the island. There are also ski and snowmobile expeditions available and opportunities to travel to nearby Bellingshausen to learn about polar auroras and glaciology. 

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The base even has internet access. However, it’s reserved for the school’s three computers. 

So, does Villas Las Estrellas sound like a place you’d like to live in?

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