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USC Sues YouTubers for Prank Gone Wrong



YouTubers Sued By University For Prank Gone Wrong

It’s not every day you hear about this type of thing…. A couple of YouTubers are facing legal trouble from the University of Southern California for a prank gone wrong. The kicker: neither of them are enrolled students at the school.

Ernest Kanevsky and Yuguo Bai were performing pranks throughout parts of the school. However, one in particular was caught on video and sent students into a panic. Specifically, this prank involved Kanevsky acting like a member of the Russian Mafia. 

Students were fleeing for the exits as they believed what appeared to be a credible threat. Some of them left their belongings behind for fear of their lives. It got to the point where the L.A. Police were called to the campus.

Officers arrested the duo at gunpoint in a parking lot. It’s unclear if criminal charges will be pursued. However, the University of Southern California is looking to collect financial damages, as well as taking steps to keep both Kanevsky and Bai off their campus so they don’t perform any more pranks.

Most pranksters go out of their way to make people laugh and get a rise out of people, but some take it too far. Kanevsky and Bai may have taken it to the extreme with theirs. No prank should ever involve the police.

Most importantly, no prank should cause any kind of panic. In an age where school shootings occur all too frequently, people have the right to be concerned, even if its about their own safety.

While no guns or weapons were used (as far as we know), it’s no laughing matter to pull off a prank where people may flee the scene and risk injury or even death in the process. Hopefully, the YouTube pranksters are taking this as a learning experience with regard to future content.

As for the legal procedures, the matter could be settled out of court. One thing is for certain, Kanevsky and Bai may have pulled their last pranks at the University of Southern California. This might also put other area schools on alert in terms of campus safety and security.

UCLA and other schools may be taking notes on who to look out for in the future. Pranks can be harmless, but this one was anything but that, as the video seems to show. If you are going to pull pranks, don’t do it like these guys.

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