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U.K. Mailmen High on the Job After Munching Mystery Hash Brownies



If there was a batch of brownies – or even hash brownies – in your office that no one claimed for a few days, would you dig in? Some mailmen in South London certainly did. They opened a batch that was left undelivered for a month and were met with a rude awakening. 

The mailmen were tempted by the mystery batch and decided that eating the brownies would be the best way to keep the food from going to waste. After munching on the treats, it became apparent that they were laced with hash. The workers were filmed stumbling around in a daze as they tried to deliver the mail later that day. 

The footage shows one postman walking around in confusion by his van outside the sorting office. Another worker wearing a lanyard had to come to his aid. 

Another postman who claimed he ate four of the brownies was shown slumped at his desk. The man filming him was heard off-camera telling him, “I think it’s weed.”

hash brownies

The caption on the footage said, “Today, almost all the posties in Clapham accidentally ate hash brownies, and I had to pick them up one by one because they were so high. 

“We had a delivery of them with no return address, the house was empty, and they were in our office for a month. So we opened them, and they got given out.”

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According to the media, the post office is launching an investigation on exactly what went down. They will also be reminding staff of the procedures regarding what to do with unopened mail. 

So, tell the truth… would you have eaten the brownies?

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