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Truck Driver Goes Ballistic on Protestors in Germany



truck driver Protestors

A truck driver in Germany, aged 41, found himself embroiled in a heated clash with radical climate protesters, resulting in a shocking incident where he dragged several demonstrators to the roadside and, in one instance, pulled a protester forward using his vehicle.

The demonstrators belonged to a group known as “The Last Generation” (Letzte Generation), who have been actively staging protests and causing disruptions by blocking major roads, highways, and even impacting airplane schedules. Dressed in distinct orange vests, these activists have been testing the public’s patience with their frequent and lengthy delays.

A recent incident involving a trucker at the Heinrich-Heine-Ring intersection in Stralsund garnered widespread attention after a video of the altercation went viral. The footage captured the truck driver stepping out of his vehicle, slamming the door, and aggressively charging at the protesters.

As a consequence of the July 12 event, the trucker is currently under investigation by the Stralsund prosecutor’s office. In the meantime, he has had to surrender his driver’s license until the investigation concludes.

At the time of the altercation, six activists had blocked traffic in both directions at the location for an hour and a half. Some protesters even resorted to using super glue on their hands to make removal more difficult for authorities.

In a surprising twist, the activists who faced the wrath of the trucker’s vehicle have expressed sympathy towards him, understanding the potential legal repercussions he now faces.


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This incident is not an isolated case, as another confrontation involving a woman in Bottrop also caught the attention of authorities. The woman was labeled a “brutal blonde” by European media after she dragged a climate change activist by her hair, resulting in minor injuries to the protester. Police in Recklinghausen are reviewing videos and photos of the altercation to decide whether criminal charges are warranted for those involved in forcibly removing protesters from the road. The climate activists involved were taken into custody.

The Letzte Generation activists have also taken their protests to airports, causing significant disruptions. At two airports, protesters glued themselves to runways to protest against mass transit pollution, leading to numerous flight delays and cancellations. In Hamburg, 46 flights were delayed, canceled, or diverted, with the protest occurring on the first day of school summer vacations.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing criticized the group’s actions, asserting that “The Last Generation” is not protecting the climate but engaging in criminal behavior.

In conclusion, the confrontation between the truck driver and climate activists has sparked public outrage and legal scrutiny in Germany. As tensions rise between protesters and those impacted by their demonstrations, authorities are closely monitoring the situation to ensure safety and uphold the law.

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