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Travel Agent Claims Her Boss Stabbed Her Twice



A woman sued her previous employer and claimed that her line manager stabbed her in the hand twice with a pen in February 2015. However, a judge has determined that things in the case file did not add up and now she has been charged with contempt of court.

Parivash Kiani sued travel agency Aviareps saying her boss, Fawad Shaida, grabbed a pen and stabbed her in the hand twice with it while she was sitting at her desk, in February 2015. Kiani showed pictures of her right hand, which had puncture wounds, and she was suing for mental scarring.

Despite the photo, the judge in the case noticed that a document in the file was dated long after the alleged incident and it proved she was lying, Metro reported.

Judge Martin Spencer said, “She must have deliberately in 2017 stabbed herself twice in the hand, waited for the stab wound to scab over, and then either herself – or through another person – taken these pictures of her hand in order to pretend that they were photos taken in February 2015 two years earlier, and represented the position as a result of the alleged assault.”

During the case, it was determined that Kiani was disciplined in January 2015 for breaching client confidentiality, Metro reported. She was fired in December of the same year, which is when she launched an unfair dismissal claim.

Kiani made a claim that Shaida attacked her when she was walking from her desk to the fax machine. She said, “He said something to me, so I stopped. He walked towards me and was standing in front of me when he grabbed my hand and then stabbed it randomly with a pen twice.”

On the other side of things, Shaida seems to have a different take on things. He claimed there were some jokes going around the office that he had “picked up her Biro (pen) and gently tapped her hand leaving an ink mark,” according to Metro.

Kiani kept pursuing the case though, but it was thrown out in 2017. She continued to pursue her £3,000 compensation claim saying her bosses failed to protect her from a violent boss. However, that case was thrown out in March 2020, as it “defied logic,” Metro reported.

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From there, Aviareps took Kiani to the High Court, where she would finally admit to contempt. She was given a suspended prison sentence and was handed an £85,000 court bill.

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