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Tragic Killing Sparks Outrage in Italy



Filippo Turetta

Italy is in the grip of shock and anger following the tragic killing of a young woman, allegedly at the hands of her possessive ex-boyfriend. The Italian Prime Minister has pledged to intensify efforts against domestic violence, which has claimed the lives of over 50 women this year alone.

Filippo Turetta, who had been evading authorities since November 11, was apprehended by German police over the weekend. The last known encounter between Turetta and 22-year-old Giulia Cecchettin, where he was seen physically assaulting her, was captured by roadside cameras. Cecchettin’s lifeless body, bearing multiple stab wounds, was discovered wrapped in plastic near Lake Barcis in the province of Pordenone, north of Venice.

The Italian media closely followed the search for the pair, fueled by reports from friends and family detailing Turetta’s refusal to accept the end of the relationship. Concerns about Turetta’s possessiveness had been expressed by Cecchettin’s sister, Elena, who, however, never anticipated such a tragic outcome.

German authorities detained the 21-year-old Italian man after his car broke down on the A9 highway in Saxony-Anhalt. Police cameras tracked Turetta’s movements from northern Italy through Austria to Germany.

Turetta, reportedly agreeing to extradition, is expected to return to Italy soon, according to Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.

Cecchettin’s fate, a promising engineering graduate, dominated headlines for a week, provoking widespread outrage upon the discovery of her body. Even Turetta’s parents participated in a candlelit vigil for her. RAI, the state-run radio, featured a backdrop of portraits of all the women who lost their lives this year in its main evening news program.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni condemned Italy’s pervasive issue of violence against women, especially by partners or ex-partners, noting a concerning increase. Data from the Interior Ministry revealed that, of the 102 women killed in Italy by November 12, 53 were victims of their current or former partners.

In response, Meloni highlighted a government-backed bill, already approved by the lower Chamber of Deputies and heading to the Senate, aiming to enhance preventative measures for domestic violence victims.

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To honor Cecchettin and all women subjected to abuse or violence, the Interior Ministry called for a minute of silence in schools on Tuesday.

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