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Territorial Pissings: Unknown Man Throws Urine at Dog Walkers in Chicago




It’s a saga that’s kept the quiet suburb of Andersonville on edge for months now. In a series of strange attacks, an unidentified man has terrorized local dog walkers with urine of unknown origin.

The first reported incident occurred on December 7, at 8:26 PM. A 48-year-old woman was walking her dog when someone approached her and threw a cup of urine at her face and body.

According to local Alderman Andre Vasquez, however, the attacks have been occurring since this past summer. He believes that many incidents have gone unreported.

Several weeks later, on December 30, at 2 PM, a witness reported seeing a man hurl an “unknown substance” at a woman and her two dogs.

“We have neighbors on the block with seeing-eye dogs. We don’t want this to happen to anyone, but God forbid it happens to someone who needs their service animal,” Vasquez told local news station CBS 2.

“We want to make sure this is being handled expeditiously and that we get a resolution soon.”

As of last week, local police still had not captured the man. 

One victim, Katie Lyons of Andersonville, shared her story with CBS Chicago. She reported walking her dogs and looking up to smile at a passerby. 

Lyons immediately noticed that something was off.

“The look of rage in his face—and just the way his eyes looked,” Lyons told CBS. “He had a large cup in his hand, and just as he was passing me, threw the contents of it into my eyes.”

“I yelled for help, just because my eyes were burning, and I couldn’t see, and I dropped my phone.”

Dragging her dog behind her, Lyons ran home. ““I knew I needed to flush my eyes, and no one came to help.”

Lyons didn’t understand what the man had thrown on her until she spoke with first responders. “They said I smelled like urine,” Lyons told CBS.

Another victim, Sue, also gave an account of her encounter with the attacker.  “He chased me, and then he threw the urine at me and got the back of the coat,” Sue told CBS. “He’s been menacing for quite a while.”

However, it wasn’t Sue who made the first move in this incident. Instead, the attacker visited the police station to file a complaint against Sue. He claimed that she’d set her two dogs loose on him.

Sue herself has a theory for the attacker’s bizarre behavior. “He saw the two witnesses and I think he was trying to get ahead of it,” she explained.

“He typically attacks at night.”

News of the urine thrower comes to a city already on high alert. Months ago, the strange case of a serial egg-thrower was solved by 735 Chicagoans banding together through a Facebook group dedicated to finding the man.

Another Andersonville resident, Melissa Benge, first encountered the egg-thrower while out with a group of friends. 

“We were just outside talking,” Benge said. “Out of the corner of my eye I saw something go flying. I felt a substance all over my face, my shirt.”

The attacks usually followed a similar pattern: a man in a white truck hurled eggs at pedestrians from his moving vehicle.

Eventually, the Facebook group tracked the van to Value Home Furniture. 

In their statement to NBC Chicago, Value Home Furniture claimed “the company was unaware that this driver was engaged in this unauthorized conduct.”

“The driver was promptly terminated upon his wrongful actions being brought to the attention of the company,” the statement continued. “The company has no further comment at this time.”

The attacks covered a wide area from the far North Side into the city’s South Side. All are marked on a map put together by the Facebook page’s creator, Moshe Tassmot.

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Interested parties can view the full map here.

Hopefully, the urine-thrower saga will come to a similar conclusion soon.

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