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Teen Falls off Cruise Ship in Return to Miami



A 15-year-old has passed away after plunging to his death from a cruise ship this past Wednesday.  The cruise ship was on its way back to a Miami port when the teen fell to his death.  The crew members made “man overboard” announcements, yet they were unable to save the teen before drowning.

How Did the Teen Fall to his Death?

The teen fell from the ship dubbed the MSC Seashore around 7 p.m. on Wednesday evening.  Sadly, the cruise ship operator told Fox News sources that the teen’s death appears to be a suicide.  The cruise ship was wrapping up a 5-day journey through the Caribbean.  

One of the cruise ship passengers captured the drama with her smartphone and posted it to YouTube.  The footage includes the “man overboard” announcement blasted through the cruise liner’s loudspeaker system following three consecutive horn blasts.  The bewildered woman’s comments are overheard on the footage, making the event all the more dramatic and painful.

The Aftermath of the Fall

Authorities investigating the death have not yet revealed whether the teen’s body has been recovered.  However, Fox News representatives were informed by the cruise ship line that foul play is not suspected.  A travel blogger on the ship with the handle of @AustinHamaway posted a video to TikTok immediately after the “man overboard” announcement, stating a young man jumped off and “…ended up not making it.”  The teen allegedly jumped form the 16th deck of the gigantic cruise ship, meaning he might have passed away as soon as he struck the water.

The cruise operator also issued a statement that read, “A young man travelling with his family on board MSC Seashore appears to have died of suicide Wednesday evening.  Our team immediately notified authorities and our care team is assisting the young man’s family on board.  All of us at MSC Cruises are heartbroken.  The family remains in our thoughts and prayers.”

Making matters worse is the fact that the teenager was travelling with his family on the cruise liner at the time he jumped to his death.  Unfortunately, the family had to learn of the passing of their son while still on the ship.  

Additional Details About the Death

Passengers on the ship gave detailed interviews to the media after the announcement of the death.  One passenger reported several vacationers immediately ran to the sides of the boat to determine what, exactly, happened.  However, the passenger noted the death occurred at night so it was difficult to see the water.

The cruise liner from which the teen jumped runs between Antilles and the Caribbean.  The ship also travels to a private island in the Bahamas known as the Ocean Cay MSC marine reserve.  The ship is absolutely massive, weighing nearly 170,000 tons and standing a whopping 76 meters in height.  All in all, the cruise ship holds 5,632 passengers and 1,648 crew members.  

The Ensuing Investigation

The investigation performed by the Miami Dade police did not reveal much.  The police have not notified the media as to whether the teen’s body has been found.  However, it must be noted there are several contradicting reports in regard to the body.  Some media outlets state the body has not been recovered, yet others indicate the death occurred on the cruise liner.  One news outlet is reporting the return of the vessel to the port revealed the body of the deceased individual on the ship.  This report clearly contradicts those of other news outlets including reports from passengers on the ship.

Was the Death an Accident?

At the moment, the mainstream media is reporting there is no suspicion of foul play.  However, the fact that the body appears to have been found on the cruise liner as opposed to the water makes the prospect of foul play that much more likely.  It is possible the body was recovered from the water and moved back onto the ship.  The police investigation will continue to unfold in the days and weeks ahead, hopefully providing the family of the deceased individual with closure on the matter.

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It is also worth mentioning MSC Cruises and the police have not identified the teenage boy.  At the moment, we merely know the individual who passed away is a young man who was taking a cruise vacation with his family.

Stay tuned.  We will likely learn the identity of the teen in the days to come as more details about the death are revealed.

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