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Teen Faces 15 Felony Charges After Attacking Teacher out of “Revenge”



Felony Charges

A 16-year-old teen faces 15 felony charges after attacking his teacher at Eldorado High School. 

According to the teacher, the student, Jonathan Eluterio Martinez came into her classroom to discuss missing schoolwork. She pulled up records on her computer to review them. That’s when the student began his attack. 

She describes feeling as if a rope was wrapped around her neck. It was actually a computer charging cord. The student choked her until she could not breathe. 

When she asked Martinez why he was attacking her, he told her he had “multiple personalities” and although he “really liked her” he “didn’t like teachers” and was “getting revenge”. 

After choking her to unconsciousness, he removed articles of her clothing. When she awoke, she found herself under a cabinet with Martinez sitting on top of her. Apparently, the student had tipped over a 7-foot-tall filing cabinet and another that was about 5.5 feet long. 

The teacher also said the student tried to cut her wrist, but it didn’t work. 

She recalls him calling his mother at some point during the episode. After disconnecting the call, he asked the teacher to “just die already, hurry up.”

The teacher pretended to be dead multiple times so he would leave her alone. He left eventually, and took her keys so he could lock her in the classroom. But when he saw someone in the hallway, he decided against it. 

When the teacher spoke to authorities, she had dried blood on her face and her eyes were so bruised and swollen that she had trouble keeping them open. 

Martinez’s mother was interviewed and described her son as being “depressed and disconnected” lately, but he would not talk to her about what was the matter. 

Martinez is being charged as an adult and is facing 15 felony charges including sexual assault, robbery, burglary, and attempted murder. “I don’t know why I attacked her, she was good to me,” he told one officer after being arrested.

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