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Teacher Had Sex with Student After Wearing Low Cut Dress to Prom



Unfortunately, a teacher having sex with a student happens all too often. Melissa Tweedie is a teacher accused of having sex with an 18-year-old student after the senior prom. Her colleagues revealed that her behavior leading up to the incident was a real tip off. 

According to reports, Tweedie, 23, partied with students at a nightclub after the prom took place. She then went back with them to a Premier Hotel where she stayed with them, danced inappropriately, and had sex with the student in question. 

Colleagues reported on her behavior at the prom saying, “I had concerns about Melissa from the start of the dance regarding her outfit.” The outfit was described as “Quite loose, short, low cut.”

“Later in the evening, I saw her dancing with a glass of wine. She was up with a group of sixth year pupils,” the fellow teacher went on to say. 

She also claimed she saw “Pupil A and her taking shots at the bar.”

When the prom ended, the teachers tried to get Tweedie to come with them in a lift previously arranged to take the staff home. But her colleagues say she was “very reluctant to take advice and come with us.” So they had to let her go. 

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There were also reports of what Tweedie was up to when she left the prom. “Pupil A had his arms around the base of her back, and she said it me, ‘Can we just pretend for a minute like I’m not your teacher?’”

Scotland police were alerted about the incident and investigated it at the time but couldn’t find evidence that any criminal actions had taken place. The hearing is ongoing. 

Tweedie is now 27 and works as a yoga teacher in Dubai.

While it’s unknown what will happen as legal proceedings move forward, the teacher’s behavior is certainly incriminating.

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