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Surveillance Video Of Shooting Involving Rapper DaBaby Surfaces



Surveillance Video Of Shooting Involving Rapper DaBaby Surfaces

Rapper DaBaby may have gotten himself caught up in many legal battles in recent years. However, one piece of major evidence has come to light in one of those cases. Specifically, surveillance video from a North Carolina Walmart where DaBaby was shopping had recently surfaced showing that he brandished and used a gun that killed 19-year-old Jaylin Craig back in 2018.

DaBaby believed that he shot Craig in self-defense. However, with the new video surfacing, that argument may soon be debunked. The video appears to have DaBaby – whose real name is Johnathan Kirk – as the aggressor in the shooting rather than someone fearing for his life.

He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, but never charged with murder. However, the statute of limitation for homicide in the state of North Carolina is non-existent. Meaning DaBaby may find himself on the receiving end of murder charges at some point in the future.  

Craig himself was believed to have been armed during the incident. Video showed that Craig may have attempted to pull out a firearm with the intent to defend himself as well. There is no word as to what triggered the incident in the first place.

However, DaBaby believes that Craig and some of his friends were harassing him and his family. Some are saying that with the video surfacing, it may spell trouble for DaBaby. It is also further proof that the rapper himself may have a propensity of being violent.

It’s interesting to see what will unfold now that a near four year old video has now surfaced. The question that has to be asked is: why did it take so long for this video to finally be released? Did investigators watch the video and decline to charge DB with murder?

DB may be enjoying life as a rapper now, but anything can change between now and then. Don’t be surprised that criminal charges may follow. Since the incident happened nearly four years ago, North Carolina law states that a civil suit for this matter may have long passed.

The victim’s family would have sued DB in a civil matter for up to three years after the incident took place. Their best shot now is to call on local prosecutors to press murder charges on DB and bring Craig the justice and closure he deserves.

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