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Stuffed Reindeer Delivers Surprise Party Favors to a Donation Center



Stuffed Reindeer Delivers Surprise Party Favors to a Donation Center

When things get donated, it’s usually because people don’t want them anymore. So it goes to a good home. However, there was an unknown donor that left many items inside a stuffed reindeer.

Upon further inspection, a worker at a donation center in Los Angeles noticed something suspicious coming out of the reindeer. It was a package with a white substance that appeared to be cocaine. The worker said that it came out of the belly of the reindeer and believed that the unknown donor was rich or famous.

Currently, the situation is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department. This unknown donor has also left other items that workers believed were ‘weird’ and ‘out of the ordinary’. However, since it happens to be Los Angeles, it’s no surprise that people including the rich and the famous have collected weird things.

It’s unclear who the unknown donor is or why these items were donated in the first place. This could have belonged to someone who may have passed recently and a member of the family happened to donate all these items. Or the donor just wanted to get rid of them not knowing he got rid of his secret stash by accident.

The donation center may have security footage of the drop off, which may aid investigators in pinpointing who was responsible for this strange donation. This is probably something that happens on a once in a while basis. Maybe not at this donation center in particular, but almost anywhere in the country where a place can take in unwanted items.

It’s amazing what you can find in thrift stores. People can spend a cheap buck on something and find out it may be worth a mint. When that happens, they turn around and sell it on eBay.

It’s hard to imagine what could have happened to the reindeer had it been donated. What if it was shipped to another country and cocaine was discovered by customs? That would have been an incident that would have made worldwide news.

This wasn’t a large amount of cocaine. Yet, it was probably enough to where the authorities would want to investigate it further. Whoever donated the reindeer (assuming he may be alive) may need to be careful with what he’s hiding and where next time.

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