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Student Allegedly Tried to Bust Into Tiger Cage at Boston Zoo



Tiger Cage

A college student has been arrested after attempting to break into a tiger cage at the Boston Zoo.  The student insists he didn’t intend to cause any harm and is simply interested in tigers.  The man, Matthew Abraham, 24, was apprehended by Franklin Park Zoo staffers earlier this week as he was attempting to access the facility’s tiger enclosure.

The New Tiger King?

Abraham went to great lengths to access the cordoned off section of the zoo, hopping a gate and fleeing workers after they closed in on him to prevent illegal access to the tiger cage.  The big cat enthusiast was subsequently arrested and searched.  Thankfully, no tigers, other animals or zoo staff were hurt in the attack.  

Abraham answered questions, refused treatment and acted civilly after being charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.  The Worcester State University biology major tried to explain his actions to authorities by stating he simply wanted to see how tigers would react when interacting with a human being.  

Abraham was adamant that he did not intend to get close to the big cats.  If he is telling the truth, he remained 20 yards away from the animals.  He also noted that there was a fence separating himself from the vicious tigers.  Abraham went on to discuss the “eye of the tiger”, noting how it is supposedly the most dangerous thing a human can see.  According to Abraham, the animal’s “…soul is visible through the eye.”

Abraham has Been Released.

Abraham was released after his arrest.  The man paid a clerk’s fee and returned to everyday living despite the fact that he admits he did not pay the entry fee required to enter the park in the first place.  The man states he walked through the open gates and did not realize he was trespassing.  

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Abraham insists he was merely trying to view the tiger exhibit and had no interest in other animals at the popular zoo.  The college student also indicated he would like to return to the zoo for another visit where he will observe the tigers from a distance.

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