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Stalker of Drew Barrymore Arrested While Searching for Emma Watson



Drew Barrymore

A man previously charged with stalking Drew Barrymore last month has been arrested again in New York City, this time for allegedly attempting to locate actor Emma Watson backstage at a fashion show.

Chad Busto, 43, was taken into custody on September 8 and now faces charges of two counts each of trespassing and disorderly conduct.

According to court documents filed in Kings County court, Busto is accused of breaking into the backstage area of a fashion show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Despite the area being fenced or enclosed to deter intruders, Busto somehow gained unauthorized access.

Once inside, Busto allegedly entered a dressing area where individuals were working on the fashion show. He reportedly “repeatedly” shouted, “I want to marry Emma Watson. Let me speak to Emma Watson. Let me take a photo with Emma Watson,” causing disruption among those present in the dressing room.

The charging document states that Busto knowingly entered the building unlawfully “with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm.”

A representative for Emma Watson has not provided a comment at this time, and it remains unclear if the 33-year-old Harry Potter star was present at the event.

On the same day, the Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Show held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard featured celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore, and James Marsden in attendance.

Busto was arraigned on September 9, where he pleaded not guilty. He has been granted supervised release and is scheduled to return to court regarding the Watson incident on October 2.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Busto’s public defender are currently underway.

Busto had previously been arrested on August 24 after attempting to locate Drew Barrymore’s Long Island residence and crashing an on-stage panel she hosted in Manhattan. In that incident, he was charged with fourth-degree stalking, a class B misdemeanor.

Drew Barrymore

Just three days before his arrest, Busto disrupted an event at the 92nd Street Y, a cultural center in Manhattan, where Drew Barrymore was conducting a conversation with singer/actor Reneé Rapp. Video footage captured the moment Busto approached the stage, announcing his identity and expressing his desire to see Barrymore during her time in New York before security intervened.

Rapp appeared startled by the incident and promptly escorted Barrymore offstage.

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