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Southwest Passenger Yanks his Chain on Woman Mid Flight



Southwest Passenger Yanks his Chain on Woman Mid Flight

There are a variety of ways that passengers could find themselves being inconvenienced on a flight, but no one could have predicted the type of disturbance a woman faced recently, when she traveled on a Southwest flight from Seattle to Phoenix. 

Court documents reveal that on April 2, Antonio Sherrodd McGarity masturbated on a flight while sitting next to a female passenger on four separate occasions. The female passenger stated that McGarity licked a white substance from his fingers prior to asking her if she minded if he masturbated.

The woman reportedly alerted Southwest flight attendants about the incident after McGarity fell asleep. This led to her being moved to another seat. During an interview with the FBI, McGarity revealed that he didn’t think the woman minded, saying he thought the act was “kinky”. The documents revealed that McGarity didn’t think the woman minded his behavior since he saw her using her phone to snap pictures of what he was doing while in the act. He reportedly asked the female passenger if she minded, to which he says she responded to by waving her hands in the air and saying, “it really doesn’t matter.”

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A Southwest Airline spokesperson released a statement revealing that the passenger had received a lifetime ban as a result of his lewd behavior. The statement read, “On April 2, we received reports of inappropriate Customer behavior on flight 3814 from SEA to PHX. The situation was reported to Crewmembers while inflight and the Captain contacted law enforcement to meet the aircraft upon arrival. We immediately placed the passenger on our No-Fly List resulting in a lifetime ban from traveling on Southwest.” McGarity faces a multitude of charges including lewd, indecent, and obscene acts on an aircraft. Given the consequences he faces for the act, McGarity likely would have been better off waiting until he was in the privacy of his own home to perform such an act.

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