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Semi-Truck Crash Ignites $100,000 Fireworks Display on Canadian Highway




A spectacular incident unfolded as a semi-truck collided with a trailer containing $100,000 worth of fireworks, igniting a dazzling roadside display lasting over an hour in Hope, British Columbia. The collision occurred last Thursday around 10 pm on the Trans-Canada Highway east of Vancouver, when the truck crashed into a trailer being towed by a pickup.

Remarkably, both drivers managed to escape their vehicles with relatively minor injuries, although one was taken to the hospital for treatment. Passing motorists captured striking footage as the fireworks erupted simultaneously, creating a scene of chaos and wonder.

The massive silhouette of the semi-truck remained visible as fireworks illuminated the night sky, accompanied by a symphony of whooshes, bangs, and whizzes. Some onlookers managed to record the explosive display as many fireworks soared above the tree line.

Cpl. Carmen Kiener of Chilliwack RCMP stated that the incident led to the closure of Highway 1 eastbound for an hour, until the fireworks finally ceased. Sgt. Mike Sargent likened the experience to the Fourth of July.


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Witness Kendra Bergen described the event as a rollercoaster of emotions, shifting from the excitement of an extraordinary fireworks show to concern for those involved in the incident.

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The destination and recipient of the fireworks remain unclear.

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