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Russian Missile Strike Kills 49



Russian missile

A devastating Russian missile strike on a grocery store and café in eastern Ukraine’s village of Hroza, near Kupiansk, has resulted in a tragic loss of at least 49 lives, Ukrainian authorities reported on Thursday. This attack stands as one of the most egregious acts of violence against civilians since the onset of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine last year.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy strongly condemned the strike, characterizing it as a “demonstrably brutal Russian crime” and labeling it a “completely deliberate act of terrorism.” In a message on the messaging app Telegram, Zelenskyy emphasized the urgent need to halt Russian terror, asserting, “Russian terror must be stopped.”

Ukraine’s foreign ministry also expressed outrage, accusing Russia of a “deliberate and barbaric attack on civilian targets.” Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin, on the platform formerly known as Twitter, confirmed that among the victims was a child, further highlighting the heinous nature of the assault. Kostin condemned Russia, stating, “The aggressor once again proves that neither law nor morality exists for him. Such inhumane crimes should not remain without the reaction of the world. The Russian terrorist regime is absolute evil. Evil must be punished.”

Russian missile

As of the time of reporting, Moscow had not issued an immediate response to the accusations from Kyiv. It is noteworthy that Russia has consistently denied allegations of deliberately targeting civilians, despite repeated claims to the contrary.

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