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Russia Conducts Test of Nuclear-Capable Bulava Missile from New Submarine




Russia’s Defense Ministry has reported a successful test of the Bulava nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile from its state-of-the-art Borei-class submarine, the “Alexander III.”

The launch took place underwater in the White Sea, with the missile precisely hitting its target on the Kamchatka peninsula, thousands of miles away. This missile, equipped to carry nuclear warheads, signifies a substantial advancement in Russia’s military capabilities.

Measuring 40 feet in length, the Bulava missile plays a pivotal role in Moscow’s nuclear triad, boasting a range exceeding 5,000 miles. This launch marks a crucial phase in the final testing of the Alexander III, paving the way for its official induction into the Russian Navy upon successful completion. This submarine is renowned for its superior maneuverability and stealth attributes when compared to earlier models, capable of accommodating 16 Bulava missiles.

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This development comes in the wake of President Vladimir Putin’s decision to withdraw from the global nuclear test ban treaty, which he justified by the need to align with the United States’ position. This move has continued to strain US-Russia relations, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov acknowledging the ongoing deterioration in diplomatic ties. He mentioned that current relations between the two nations are “below zero” but also expressed the potential for future dialogue.

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