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Road Rage Arrest: Motorist Fires BB Gun, Poses as FBI with Fake Badge



Road Rage Arrest: Motorist Fires BB Gun, Poses as FBI

On Wednesday morning around 10:20 a.m., Michigan officers responded to a report of potential gunfire in a road rage incident, as per a statement from the Warren Police Department.

According to the department, dispatch received a call from a motorist who claimed that a male occupant of a white Toyota SUV had shot at his vehicle on Mound Rd. while attempting to pass the suspect. The victim also reported that the male suspect displayed a gold law-enforcement-type badge during the incident.

Provided with a description of the suspect and his vehicle, authorities in the area were able to locate the motorist as he traveled southbound on Mound Road, just north of Thirteen Mile Road. The Warren Police Department stated that officers conducted a traffic stop on the Toyota, making contact with the lone male occupant driver. Inside the suspect’s vehicle, officers found a BB/pellet pistol, a facsimile FBI badge, and credentials. During the arrest, the suspect admitted to being involved in the road rage incident.

The police arrested a 55-year-old man from Southfield, Michigan, withholding his identity from the public at this time. The Warren Police Department confirmed that no injuries occurred during the road rage incident, and the firearm used was a BB/pellet gun.

Road Rage

Authorities verified that the facsimile badge was not an official law enforcement issued credential. Commissioner William Dwyer commented on the incident, expressing gratitude that no one was injured. He cautioned against taking matters into one’s own hands during road rage encounters and advised motorists to pull over and call 911 if faced with a hostile driver.

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Detectives plan to present their findings to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office for formal charges on Thursday. Potential charges may include assault with a dangerous weapon, among others. The investigation is currently active and ongoing, according to the police.

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