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Rampant Street Takeovers in Chicago Raise Concerns of Escalating Lawlessness



Street Takeovers

A disturbing video has emerged showing a group of young men in Chicago engaged in an intense frenzy, kicking and attempting to punch out the windows of a white Tesla during a street takeover. A retired police chief has expressed concern, asserting that such incidents have become increasingly common in the crime-plagued city.

Tom Weitzel, a retired police chief from Riverside, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, stated, “It represents lawlessness, and these street takeovers are happening almost every weekend. I’m sure the driver was fearful of being injured or carjacked.”

The chaos unfolded on October 13 on E. Lower Wacker Drive, as captured in two videos. In the initial clip, shared on an online platform, a mob can be seen jumping on the hood of a car while other vehicles honk their horns.

The occupants of the white Tesla, a 33-year-old man and a woman in the passenger seat, attempted to navigate through the tunnel at approximately 11:50 p.m., as reported by the Chicago Police Department. As the Tesla slowly advances, some individuals from the mob pound their fists on the car’s hood, and a few begin donning ski masks.

The camera then shifts to two cars performing screeching donuts on the opposite side of the tunnel, attracting the attention of more than 100 spectators.

Seizing an opportunity, the Tesla suddenly accelerates in an attempt to escape, appearing to knock a young man over while a woman inside the car screams. However, the vehicle, with its driver-side mirror dangling, becomes trapped again several yards ahead as the mob swarms around it.

Tom Weitzel noted the presence of approximately 10 to 12 police officers in the video, emphasizing that they are overwhelmed by the large crowd. He further pointed out that Chicago is facing a severe understaffing issue.


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According to the Chicago Police Department, there were no reported injuries, and no arrests have been made at this time. Three detectives are currently investigating the incident.

Weitzel expressed particular concern about the location of this street takeover, emphasizing that it occurred in a tunnel. He called for more aggressive measures by the city to curtail such flash mob events, including vehicle impoundments and arrests.

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“They do burnouts. The kids get wildly dangerous,” he said. “The city needs to be more aggressive in impounding vehicles and making arrests.”

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