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Putin Extends Invitation to Kim Jong Un Amid Concerns of North Korea’s Weapon Supply to Kremlin




The Kremlin’s recent announcement has sent shockwaves through Western capitals, as it confirmed that Kim Jong Un is set to make a trip to Russia. This visit comes at a time of heightened international concerns regarding the potential for North Korea to provide military support to President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The official statement on the Kremlin’s website did not specify an exact date for the visit but indicated that it would occur in the near future. This revelation has stirred significant speculation and apprehension among global leaders.

Recent reports from U.S. officials have suggested that discussions regarding potential arms sales from North Korea to Moscow took place during Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to Pyongyang earlier this summer. These discussions are expected to continue and may involve high-level diplomatic engagement between the two nations on Russian soil.

The silence from both the Kremlin and North Korean state media in the lead-up to this visit has only added to the intrigue surrounding the potential outcomes of this meeting.

Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine has faced significant challenges, with little progress achieved since Ukraine initiated a counteroffensive in June. As Ukraine appeals to its Western allies for continued military aid, Russia, increasingly isolated on the international stage, is exploring alternative sources of support. This includes seeking assistance from U.S. adversaries like Iran and North Korea to secure additional arms for its ongoing bombardment of Ukrainian towns and cities.


Last month, the White House revealed that negotiations regarding arms sales between North Korea and Russia were actively advancing. Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin exchanged letters expressing their commitment to enhancing cooperation. However, it’s worth noting that any potential arm deals between these two nations would contravene numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions.

These discussions on arms sales come at a pivotal moment for Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which faces potential challenges due to changing weather conditions. Despite these obstacles, Kyiv remains steadfast in its determination to push forward.

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It’s noteworthy that Kim Jong Un has refrained from international travel since the onset of the pandemic, and Putin has also limited his overseas appearances. This cautious approach may be linked to international legal concerns, as Putin faces an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court over alleged illegal deportations of Ukrainian children. This legal issue further complicates the geopolitical landscape surrounding this high-stakes visit.

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