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Pub Owner Says Two Families of Hooligans Left His Venue Looking Like a Bomb Site



Some people are just lousy, especially the two families who left the White Horse Inn at Barnby Moor in East Retford looking like a bomb site before leaving without paying their bill. 

Apparently, four adults and their children showed up at the restaurant around 7:30 PM. They were intimidating to staff. They ordered tomahawk steaks, cocktails, vodka, and drinks for a bill that totaled 330 pounds (about $432 USD).

Then, they vanished around 9 PM without paying what they owed. 

The loss is quite a setback for the White Horse as the establishment is still recovering from the pandemic. 

A spokesperson for the bar explained what happened.

“One of them distracted a member of staff by standing at the bar out of sight of the door. 

“He was ordering another drink while the ladies in the group marched their children out, one under each arm, and bundled them into a couple of cars. 

Then they waited until the last guy exited and shot off.”

He also mentioned how the incident affected the staff.

“The member of the staff that was on rang the manager and said he was upset and quite exasperated.

“He had been intimidated by their passive-aggressive behavior and he has blamed it on himself. 

“It’s not just that it hurts my pocket, the real problem is that the staff there are nervous now and do not feel comfortable.”

In addition to being rude, the families also left behind an awful mess. 

“The children were running around the restaurant, running up to people’s tables, falling over things. 

“And then they have left bowls of food upturned on the floor- I’ve never seen anything like it in ten years in the industry. 

“It was just like a pack of wolves have been in.”

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The restaurant has called in the Nottinghamshire police who are pursuing the matter. Let’s hope the families are caught and made to make up for some of the damage they have done.

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