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Professional Baby Namer Makes $10K to Help Parents Name Their Child



Professional Baby Namer Makes $10K to Help Parents Name Their Child

Finding a name for your baby can be tough, but  would you pay someone thousands of dollars to help you come up with the perfect name? Some parents would. In fact, that’s how Taylor Humphry makes a living. 

Taylor, 33, runs a website called What’s in a Baby Name. She advertises her services as ‘bespoke naming’ and ‘perinatal support’.

These services come in the form of a one-on-one chat that helps parents find the right name. She will also do genealogical research if required. 

Taylor gets paid between $1,500 and $10,000 per client. 

“Our choices, even the names we choose for our babies, have cosmic significance. 

“The little people we create, the way we raise and shape them, is the gift we give to the future. What do you choose to bring forth? What legacy are you offering to our descendants?” her website reads. 

She also posts a clip of a woman asking her advice on what a good name would be for a sibling of a child named Emory Mackenzie. 

Taylor offered her opinion saying,” Ok, I love this, we are already seeing a big-name trend alert. Emory is the name of a renowned liberal art school and I’m finding that a lot of parents are choosing these great private university names for their babies, so be on the lookout for that as a trend.”

She then goes on to recommend a gender-neutral name or something more feminine to “beef up Emory for you son, and something that just feels really tightly woven in Anglo Saxon air.”

Some of the suggestions she came up with were Adler, Bryony, Carys, Fiona, Pippa, Aniston, Elliette, and Carling. 

While Taylor has clearly enjoyed success with her venture, some social media users have attacked her. 

“I totally missed my calling,” one user commented sarcastically.

“This has to be one of those things where you’re so rich you don’t know what else to spend your money on,” wrote another.

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