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Playboy Model Claims She was Kicked Out of Airbnb for Being ‘Too Hot’



Airbnb’s are a great way to make additional income. You might think that if one of your guests showed up looking attractive, that would be a bonus. One man recently had exactly the opposite reaction…or at least that’s what his guest claims happened when she was thrown out. 

Suzy Cortez is a 31-year-old Brazilian Playboy model. She showed up to her Airbnb that she was supposed to be staying at while visiting family in the city. Instead of getting a welcoming reception, her host kicked her out and threw her luggage in the garbage. 

According to the model, the host complained about the clothing she was wearing, particularly a pair of workout leggings. He also accused her of breaking into his home. Reportedly, things got so out of hand, the model had to call the police.

“I was startled when the host entered the property I was in and took my belongings and threw them in the trash – he only came in because I suffer persecution for being too pretty,” Suzy explained. 

The model contacted AirBnB after receiving an email that her booking had been canceled as they “could not support” the reservation. She also claims her profile was taken down after she complained about the incident. 

“I am extremely embarrassed and psychologically shaken,” the model said. “I had to go out on the street, doing absolutely nothing and having all my belongings in a garbage can.”

After an investigation, Airbnb refunded Suzy’s money and restored her profile. 

“Being me the victim of all this, why? Prejudice because I’m famous or have been on the covers of Playboys all over the world?”

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Well, Suzy, we’re not sure either. Hopefully the model was able to put the incident behind her and move forward with her life.

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