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Playboy Bunnies Spill the Beans About the Dark “Shadow Mansions”



Given the airing of the recent A&E Documentary series, “Secrets of the Playboy Mansion” numerous harrowing stories have come out that detail the time spent at the legendary mansion. That theme seems to be continuing given recent accounts that have emerged about a network of shadow mansions that belonged to Hugh Hefner and some of his close friends. According to recent stories shared in “Secrets of the Playboy Mansion”, aspiring playmates were taken advantage of sexually at the shadow mansions. 

Apparently, Hefner spent much of his time at the shadow mansions with his wingman and personal physician, Dr. Mark Saginor. The two were so close that Saginor actually eventually moved in with Hefner at the mansion despite having a young daughter named Jessica at the time. According to Jessica, the two shared a bond that was based not only on a “spiritual connection” of friendship, but also on a  need to “break down” women sexually, which is a common theme amongst Hefner’s former circle of friends. More of the shocking details regarding the secret shadow mansions revolved around the trafficking of aspiring actresses and models in an assortment of homes that were built to resemble the famous Playboy Mansion. More or less, the shadow mansions became enclaves where women who weren’t chosen to become Playboy Bunnies or Playmates were sent. 

To say that the details that emerged from the documentary are shocking would be an understatement. Former Playboy Mansion regular Jennifer Hatten said during the episode regarding the mini-mansion, “The experience I had at the mini-mansion parties is immediately walking in, having all the men glom onto you, offering you lines of coke or a bowl of ecstasy.” She continued by saying, “If you refuse those, they’re trying to shove some champagne in your face – who knows what’s in the champagne, if they’ve dropped anything in there, so the grooming that’s happening at these mini-mansion parties is pretty obviously not for modeling.” The details emerging from the A&E mini-series, “Secrets of the Playboy Mansion” are likely leaving many to wonder how Hefner got away with so much for so long.

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