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It’s Not Nice to Take Over the World

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Jimmy Donaldson, more known to the public as Mr. Beast, has become one of the world’s most famous YouTube stars with the combination of his six channels having 91 million subscribers and his videos having a total of 13 billion views.  Mr. Donaldson has reached total success in the realm of online media at the young age of 22, but now Donaldson intends to spread his success to other areas of business as he strives to reach the success of his role model, Elon Musk.

He began his YouTube career while he was in middle school in 2012.  He had decent success, but it wasn’t until he began making videos of him giving away thousands of dollars to strangers on the street that he became extremely popular in the YouTube community.

Since then, Mr. Donaldson has begun to partake in other business ventures such as creating his own ghost kitchen known as Mr. Beast Burger.  Mr. Beast Burger did achieve significant success as it sold over one million burgers. He has also become a financial advisor for other online content creators, and he also began to invest in tech start-ups. 

His career did not start as smooth, however. His earliest videos were criticized for commonly using slurs and inappropriate jokes.  He was also criticized by his fans for endorsing a cryptocurrency scheme that resulted in several fans losing significant amounts of money.

Mr. Donaldson has further expanded his business by employing nearly two dozen people to help with content creation, etc..  Surprisingly the charismatic, and generous behavior that Donaldson exhibits during his YouTube videos does not translate to his office life, according to former employees.  Mr. Donaldson’s employees usually consisted of family and friends but as the brand of Mr. Beast began to expand so did his workforce.  Those who were outside his circle of friends and family experience a much darker side of Mr. Donaldson in which one employee, Matt Turner, said “Mr. Donaldson had berated him almost every day. Mr. Donaldson often called him by a phrase used to insult people with mental disabilities,” Mr. Turner said, “leaving him in tears.”  Other accounts of this have been mentioned in which one employee, Nate Anderson, said working for Mr. Donaldson was the “worst week of my life.”

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Despite non-favorable work conditions, the brand of Mr. Beast is growing rapidly and with current projections, Mr. Donaldson is expected to become the most subscribed creator in the world.  In which case, we will all be seeing more of Mr. Beast.

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