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Philadelphia Journalist’s Tragic Murder Leads to Arrest of Acquaintance




A 19-year-old acquaintance, Robert Edmond Davis, has been charged in the tragic death of Josh Kruger, a 39-year-old Philadelphia journalist known for his journey from homelessness to advocating on critical social issues. Kruger was fatally shot in his Philadelphia home on October 2, and Davis now faces murder, weapons-related charges, and other offenses in connection with the incident. A warrant had been issued for Davis, who was later arrested at his South Philadelphia residence.

Authorities have revealed that a motive for the killing remains unclear, but they believe the two individuals had a relationship. It remains uncertain if Davis has retained legal representation. His mother, Damica Davis, expressed sorrow over the situation, acknowledging the tragedy but also indicating that her son might be considered a victim in the case.

Kruger, who was shot seven times around 1:30 a.m. and collapsed in the street while seeking help, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. His murder has deeply affected City Hall and those involved in various causes he championed, such as addiction, homelessness, HIV, LGBTQ+ advocacy, journalism, and cycling.

Kruger’s journey from homelessness to advocacy was notable, and he utilized his platform to shed light on issues faced by marginalized communities. He was known for his candid and often humorous writing style, addressing topics like addiction, homelessness, and politically correct language surrounding homelessness. In his last column, he touched on the collective grief felt by the city over the sudden death of Temple University’s acting president, JoAnne Epps.


Prior to his writing career, Kruger worked in city government, handling social media for the mayor and communications for the Office of Homeless Services from approximately 2016 to 2021. He subsequently transitioned to focus on his writing projects.

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Kruger contributed to several publications, including Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia City Paper, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, earning recognition for his writing style. On his website, he humorously described himself as a “militant bicyclist” and “a proponent of the singular they, the Oxford comma, and pre-Elon Twitter.”

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