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OnlyFans Star Only Sleeps with Her Husband to Make Babies



OnlyFans Star Only Sleeps with Her Husband to Make Babies

Even though most people choose to have sex with their partners for the fun of it, one OnlyFans star and her spouse abstain unless it’s for the specific purpose of creating a new life.

The model who only goes by the name of Daisy, has an open relationship with her husband, who she claims is “asexual.”

Making matters more peculiar is that she makes thousands of dollars by selling pregnancy pictures and videos on OnlyFans. She doesn’t show her face on her OnlyFans profile in part to protect herself, and in part to protect her two children.

She and her husband are trying for a third, which is great news for her subscribers. Daisy was surprised that her profile amassed such a following saying, “I started my OnlyFans during the pandemic, but then found out a month in that I was pregnant.” Then she said, “I got so much feedback, though – so many guys said it was amazing and asked me to keep doing it, so I did. It actually helped me get more subscribers than I had before.”

She later added that doing an OnlyFans profile during her second pregnancy helped her feel more desirable, as she didn’t feel sexy at all during her “miserable” first pregnancy. Along with the occasional nude photos, she also displays photos and videos on her profile of her rubbing lotion on her pregnant belly, along with stretch marks.

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She also says her subscribers enjoy hearing the details of her day-to-day realities of pregnant life. “They want to know if I have heartburn or how much weight I’ve gained,” she said. The fact that her OnlyFans caters to such a niche audience is proof that there’s someone willing to pay for just about anything on the internet.

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