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Ohio Woman Receives Life Sentence for Brutal Murder of Mother




On Thursday, 23-year-old Sydney Powell of Ohio was handed a life sentence with a minimum term of 15 years in prison for the brutal murder of her mother, Brenda Powell. Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Kelly McLaughlin presided over the sentencing.

Sydney Powell’s shocking act of violence occurred on March 3, 2020, in Akron. Prosecutors revealed that she initially struck her mother, aged 50, with an iron skillet before proceeding to stab her nearly 30 times in the neck. Last week, a jury found Powell guilty of charges including murder, assault, and tampering with evidence.

The tragic incident unfolded while school officials from Mount Union University were on the phone with Brenda Powell. Sydney Powell had faced academic suspension from the university due to poor grades, and it was during this conversation that the violent attack occurred. Hearing screams on the call, the school officials promptly contacted the Akron police.


During the court proceedings, Sydney Powell, dressed in orange jail attire, chose not to make a statement. Her defense lawyer cited an upcoming appellate case as the reason for her silence. When asked by Judge McLaughlin if she wished for the court to appoint an attorney for her appeal, Powell softly responded with a “yes.”

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Judge McLaughlin expressed her condolences to the victim’s family and friends, acknowledging the immense grief they must have endured. Powell, visibly distraught, was led out of court in restraints following the sentencing.

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