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NYPD Launches Internal Review Amidst Controversy Over Officer’s Alleged Homophobic Slur



NYPD Homophobic Slur

The NYPD has initiated an “internal review” in response to the circulation of a video on social media that seemingly captures an officer using a derogatory term with homophobic connotations over the police car’s announcement system.

The video, which was posted on Instagram last week and had garnered over 2 million views by Thursday, allegedly depicts an officer seated in the passenger’s side of a marked police vehicle making an inappropriate comment related to oral sex and subsequently uttering a derogatory slur. The individual who shared the video on Instagram has not promptly replied to requests for comments.

In an email statement provided on Thursday, a spokesperson for the NYPD asserted, “The Department does not condone any form of discrimination and is dedicated to fostering a workplace characterized by respect and inclusivity for our diverse workforce. The incident is currently undergoing an internal review.”

The Gay Officers Action League, or GOAL, a nonprofit organization advocating for LGBTQ NYPD officers, expressed their disapproval of the incident in a statement released on Wednesday, saying, “We condemn such behavior as it is unacceptable and a profound breach of the trust and expectations we hold for our fellow law enforcement professionals.”

“This incident serves as a reminder of the persistent prejudices in our society and the ease with which some resort to hate speech. We refuse to remain silent and are committed to ensuring that all LGBTQIA+ individuals, whether within or outside the law enforcement community, are treated with respect and dignity.”


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GOAL also acknowledged that an investigation by the NYPD is already underway and affirmed their intent to closely monitor the situation. They stated, “We anticipate that the outcome of this investigation will lead to appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with the professional standards of the NYPD.”

GOAL’s President, Brian Downey, an NYPD detective, revealed in a Thursday interview that the police department had initiated the investigation even before he had seen the video. He further indicated that he had subsequently discussed the matter with Police Commissioner Edward Cuban, Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey, and leaders from the NYPD’s office of equity, remarking that “they comprehend our concerns.”

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“They acted promptly, which is commendable. I understand there are certain aspects of a disciplinary process or an investigation where commentary may not be feasible, and this is for valid reasons, but we are vigilant,” he remarked.

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