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NYC Subway Ride Ends In Horror as a Man Smears Feces on an Unsuspecting Passenger



One of the most pressing decisions a person has is deciding how to get from point A to point B. When your options for transportation include taking the train or driving, driving is a no brainer for lots of people. That’s especially the case considering the ramifications of the ongoing pandemic. Even though taking public transportation can be convenient, there are a variety of reasons why people avoid using it. Whether it’s a late train or the fact that they’re packed, the typical reasons why people are likely to avoid the subway are likely what one passenger wishes they went through. 

No matter how familiar you are with public transit in the big city, there’s no way anyone could have prepared for what happened on this train ride. While sitting on a bench waiting for a train in the Bronx, a man walked by holding a black plastic bag, and smashed it into her face and her head. The bag was full of human feces. The attack happened without provocation. Fortunately, the attacker was eventually arrested, and the assailant has a rap sheet that dates back to 1999. 

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Most of his crimes took place on the New York City subway system. The attacker was arrested on February 22nd and charged with forcible touching, menacing, disorderly conduct, and harassment. Hopefully future passengers on the subway don’t have to endure what this passenger had to in order to get to their destination.

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