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New Voice Actors Revealed for Rick and Morty Following Justin Roiland’s Departure



Rick and Morty

In the latest development surrounding the hit animated series “Rick and Morty,” new voice actors have been unveiled to replace star Justin Roiland, who was removed from the show following domestic violence allegations. The Season 7 premiere, which aired on Sunday night, introduced Ian Cardoni as the voice of Rick Sanchez and Harry Belden as Morty Smith, marking a significant moment in their careers.

Notably, the customary “Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon” credit was conspicuously absent from the opening credits, leaving only the “Rick and Morty” logo.

For both Cardoni and Belden, these roles represent their most high-profile work to date. Cardoni has previously held minor roles in films such as “Grown Ups” and “Clear History,” while Belden’s acting experience includes one-off appearances on television shows like “Chicago Med” and “Joe Pera Talks with You.”

The first instance of the new character voices was revealed in the Season 7 trailer, which made its debut in September, though the identities of the voice actors remained undisclosed at the time. Pre-season screeners for “Rick and Morty” were also devoid of ending credits.

The show’s representatives initially stated that the voice actors’ names would be disclosed under embargo before the Season 7 premiere on October 15. However, Adult Swim later reversed this decision via email, explaining, “We’re actually going to continue to keep the names of the new voice cast actors confidential until Sunday night’s east coast premiere.”

Justin Roiland, the co-creator and former star of “Rick and Morty,” was terminated by Adult Swim in January following domestic violence charges. These charges were subsequently dropped by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in March.

Roiland had not only co-created the show but had also provided the voices for several other characters within it. In September, a report alleging that Roiland had used his fame to attract and meet young women, including some who were underage. One of the women claimed that Roiland had sexually assaulted her, an accusation that Roiland has denied through his attorney.

Rick and Morty

“Rick and Morty” follows the adventures of the titular grandfather-grandson duo as they journey through the universe. In addition to the introduction of the new voices in the Season 7 trailer, Adult Swim’s logline for the upcoming season humorously states, “Rick and Morty are back and sounding more like themselves than ever,” promising an array of intriguing plot developments and character arcs.

Since its debut in 2013, “Rick and Morty” has received critical acclaim. The seventh season, comprising 10 new episodes, premiered on Adult Swim on October 15.

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Justin Roiland, co-creator and lead voice actor on Hulu’s animated series “Solar Opposites,” has been replaced by Dan Stevens for the voice of the lead character, Korvo.

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