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New Jersey Man’s Restaurant Visit Landed Him with a Prize Worth Thousands



A New Jersey resident bit into a clam earlier this month and found something quite surprising.  Michael Spressler, 58, assumed he broke a tooth after biting down into a raw clam appetizer.  The New Jersey resident felt a hard object moving around in his mouth, spat it out, and found a white pearl.  The flawless pearl has the potential to be worth six figures.

The Find of a Lifetime

Spressler found the white pearl while dining on clams on the half shell during his Presidents Day vacation visit to The Lobster House, a popular seafood restaurant in the Jersey Shore.  He assumed one of his molars had cracked when he bit down into the clam.  The New Jersey native insists he has enjoyed clams for decades, yet has never found a pearl inside of one until now.  

Those who are familiar with seafood insist the chances of finding a perfectly round white pearl within a raw clam are about 1 in 10,000.  According to The Pearl Source, the white pearl has the potential to be worth upwards of $100,000.  However, there is also the chance that the pearl is worth merely $100.

To Sell or Keep?  That is the Question

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When pressed about what he will do with the diminutive gem, Spressler indicated he is unsure how he will proceed.  However, Spressler noted that his wife has expressed interest in setting the pearl into a piece of jewelry to show off when out on the town.

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