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More Bad News Emerges About the “Karen of Delta”



Karen of Delta

Patricia Cornwall, dubbed the “Karen of Delta”, is in the news once again after her physical assault on a fellow passenger went viral.  It was recently revealed that Cornwall allegedly threatened to kill her own mother.  It is also alleged Cornwall alleged to kill her stepfather.  Additional details of her supposedly threatening and violent behavior are seeping out with each passing day.

The Karen That Will Never Be Forgotten

Cornwall has the potential to go down in history as one of the most notorious Karens because she slapped a full-grown man in front of hundreds of people on a Delta flight. 

The latest incident began when Cornwall requested that a flight attendant pushing a beverage cart in the middle of the aisle help her locate her seat.  The criminal complaint states the flight attendant requested that Cornwall find an empty seat until beverages were dispersed to passengers. 

It is alleged that Cornwall responded by stating, “What am I, Rosa Parks?”  It is also alleged that a man on the flight commented that Cornwall “isn’t black … this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus.”  The two then insulted one another, leading to the slap.  Cornwall took offense to the passenger not wearing his mask on the plane even though he was eating at the time of the incident.  

The assault was recorded on a passenger smartphone and presented to the world through the internet.  The assault occurred mid-flight, making it all the more dramatic.  

Cornwall’s status as a Karen is amplified all the more, simply because she was once a beautiful Baywatch actress.  Media members and investigative reporters took a closer look at Cornwall’s history and found that she had once been put on a psychiatric hold.  Court documents reveal Cornwall threatened to kill her stepfather and mother slightly more than a year ago.  

Robert Spoeri, Cornwall’s stepfather, filed a restraining order against her in the summer of 2020 after she made verbal threats while living with the couple in Los Angeles.  Cornwall was a resident within the home at the time of the threats, which indicates she might now be struggling financially.  

The Fallout From Cornwall’s Threats

Aside from the death threats, Cornwall’s stepfather also alleges Cornwall physically attacked himself, as well as Cornwall’s mother, Yolanda Spoeri.  The court order includes a written statement from the stepfather that states:

“Patricia kicked me, punched me, threatened to kill me, jumped on me, pulled my hair very hard, pounded my head into the floor and more because I would not divulge where her mother was hiding.  Her real goal was to do far greater injury to her mother.”

Spoeri also states Cornwall’s threats forced his wife to hide in the garage of their home.  He goes on to state his wife ended up leaving town and staying with a friend for the night.  Cornwall supposedly claims she is the biological mother of both of her half-siblings.  Those half-siblings are currently teenagers.  Her stepfather writes Cornwall threatened to kidnap the half-siblings during a bout of delusion.  

Cornwall, a former NFL cheerleader and actress, was taken into police custody and transferred to a psychiatric unit after the alleged attack that occurred in late July.  Spoeri insists the summer attack was the second or third time Cornwall was put on a psychiatric hold for her mental health to be evaluated.  Indeed, court documents confirm this statement.  

Spoeri suffered abrasions, minor cuts, and severe emotional trauma from the attack.  He requested that Cornwall stay far away from the couple’s Los Angeles home, his kids’ schools, and his church.

The Legal Wheels Are in Motion

Cornwall was arrested and taken into custody after the incident on the Delta flight.  She was also slapped with federal charges earlier this week.  Time will tell if Cornwall is jailed for her assault on the Delta passenger.  In regard to her other case, a judge granted a temporary order on the final day of July, yet the case was subsequently dismissed in August when both Spoeris and Cornwall did not appear in court. 

Karen of Delta

Court records reveal a judge granted a domestic violence protection order against the former Baywatch actress.  Monica Cummings, Cornwall’s sister-in-law, requested the protection order.  The order was formally granted in January.  Reporters who continued to sort through the treasure trove of documents have found Cornwall has a lengthy history of erratic behavior including violent outbursts. 

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Court records also reveal Cornwall left voice messages on Cummings’ phone telling her she is “dead.”  According to Cummings, Cornwall is supposedly obsessed with her newborn infant and daughters.  Cummings insists Cornwall is paranoid and suffers from bipolar disorder.

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