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Ukraine: Minnesota Teacher Captured by Russians Fleeing Country



Minnesota Teacher Captured by Russians Fleeing Ukraine

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, people who had called the nation home were forced to flee for safety. Among those who had to return to their home countries were students, mission workers, teachers, and more. Some had an easier time than others escaping the country once the shelling began on major Ukrainian cities, too. 

Many of the people escaping from Ukraine as Russia’s invasion began went back to nations across Europe, Africa, and Asia, and some were hoping to find their way back to North America. That was the situation that 28-year-old Minnesota teacher Tyler Jacob found himself in, as he attempted to escape from the Ukrainian city of Kherson.

Unfortunately his escape was anything but smooth, and he wound up being detained by Russia for 10 days, according to the U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, who referred to Jacobs’ detainment as “unjust”. Jacobs, who has since been released, moved to Ukraine with his girlfriend, who he married in January, to teach English.

He met his wife online last summer prior to visiting her in November, which led to them falling in love and getting married soon after. The city of Kherson was captured by Russian forces relatively early in the invasion. Regardless, his family is ecstatic that he has returned home.


Jacob’s father told CNN, “It was up and down, the hurdles that we had to get over to get him to safety”. This was clearly the worst nightmare for any parent who has children living overseas. When his mother talked to KAAL TV she said, “My worst nightmare is coming true, and I’m fearful that they are going to tortue him and kill him and I’m not ever going to see my son again.” Fortunately they were able to work with the U.S. embassy to return him home safely and avoid her worst nightmare from becoming reality.

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