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Minneapolis Man Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury in Hit-and-Run



Robert Foster Minneapolis Man

A Minneapolis Man, 59-year-old Robert Foster, is grappling with a traumatic brain injury following a hit-and-run incident involving an electric scooter. The incident occurred late Sunday night as Foster, returning home after watching a Vikings game at a bar, was struck near Lyndale and 27th by a car that failed to stop.

Cara Foster, Robert’s daughter, revealed that her father, despite feeling sore and being launched approximately 20 feet upon impact, declined immediate medical attention at the scene. However, upon taking him to the hospital later that night, the family discovered the severity of his injuries.

Within 10 minutes of being at the hospital, Robert Foster began experiencing seizures, leading to his sedation and the need for a ventilator. The days following the incident have been marked by uncertainty and vigil, with the family anxiously awaiting signs of improvement.

Describing her father as a vibrant individual, a football enthusiast, a three-time ballroom dance champion, and a lover of scary movies, Cara Foster highlighted his reliance on electric scooters as his primary mode of transportation due to the absence of a car.

“He loves those dang scooters,” she expressed. “He rides to work with them. He goes to the park. He just kind of gets around Minneapolis.”

Minneapolis Man

Fortunately, Robert Foster is currently on the path to recovery. However, his family is seeking assistance from anyone who may have witnessed the accident on Sunday night between 9:30 and 10 p.m. They are appealing for information, urging potential witnesses or individuals with surveillance footage, including Ring doorbell videos, to come forward.

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Cara Foster acknowledged the possibility of the incident being a mistake but expressed a mix of understanding and frustration, emphasizing the personal impact as “it’s our dad.” While the Minneapolis police have confirmed an ongoing investigation, no arrests have been made at this time.

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